Hu Lindsay: Award-winning Mixed Media Artist
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Hu Lindsay

During my earn-a-living years, I did as much painting and drawing as I could find time for. I tried and failed at watercolor, had some success with oils and pen and ink, and also appropriated some of the tools of the commercial trade to experiment with. Starting in the 70's and beyond I was fascinated by cel paints - the acrylics used by animators before computers took over the entire field. They were easy to apply, dried quickly, and were extremely malleable by applying them thickly and building up multi textured areas. Again, before computers, there were Pantone colored papers that we used to add color to layouts and even finished illustrations. By themselves I found them interesting to manipulate in negative and positive space. Computers themselves, while yet another tool of the trade, I have found wonderfully flexible in terms of fine art capabilities, sometimes incorporating other types of images from a variety of sources, sometimes not.

My interest in collage in the past decade or more was initiated by my perusal of catalogs arriving at the house, some bidden, some unbidden. Rather than focusing on the products being offered for sale, my attention was drawn to the backgrounds in the photos. While some product material is incorporated, most of that is in extremely small pieces that are difficult to recognize.

I have also enhanced certain catalog pages with computer-generated geometric patterns, and have extrapolated image subsets from those to augment the photographic elements, and, in some cases, have also added paint, mesh and other "foreign" elements to my compositions.

I am also incorporating disparate kinds of paper plus "found objects" in my creations. They grow, they relate to each other, they become part of a unity that may encompass several discrete parts.

The results, I feel, are works of art that express differing attitudes, esthetics, moods and feelings to which I hope viewers will relate.